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General Links

General links, mainly to do with more than one region, as well as general humour and fun sites.

Geordie Links

Links associated with the Geordie dialect; sites dedicated to Newcastle and its culture; pronounciation guides...


Scouse Links

Links associated with the Scouse dialect; sites and listserves dedicated to Liverpool and its culture.


Ali G Links

Links associated with the Ali G and his show.


Cockney Links

Links associated with Cockney Rhyming Slang; sites dedicated to the Cockney region and its culture and attractions.


Yorkshire Links

Links associated with the Yorkshire dialect; sites dedicated to the Yorkshire region and its culture. Also a few links to Chicken Run related sites.


Scottish Links

Links associated with the Scottish dialect; sites dedicated to Scotland and its culture.


Brummie Links

Links associated with the Brummie dialect; sites dedicated to Birmingham and its culture.


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