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Scottish Links


Pittin the Mither Tongue on the Wab. Scots - the language of lowland Scotland. This website introduces modern non-regional traditional Scots orthography, grammar, idiom and pronunciation. Including an Online Scots Dictionary, Clishmaclaiver - the Scots language chatroom, Articles about Scots, Links to external resourses, sound files, organisations and more.

Caithness Community

A fellow attendee of the Yell.com/Awards 2001 (overall winner), promoting the Caithness Community in Scotland.


Impressive site, with constantly up-to-date news and lots of interesting features.


A large online Scottish community site with plenty of articles on everything to do with Scotland.


This site tells us: "Scots and their descendants have been a major influence in world affairs for generations. We tell you all about Scotland and our rich historical heritage."

Gateway to Scotland

Long-standing site with many different links to every aspect of Scottish life.


Huge directory on the subject of Scotland. Offers everything from news and sport to tartans and 'Great Scots'.

Please suggest links for this page! If you know of any great sites that you think would be appropriate, please email them to url@whoohoo.co.uk.

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