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"I think I have a problem, Doc," says the patient. "One of my balls has turned blue."

The doctor examines the man briefly and concludes the patient will die if he doesn't have his testicle removed.

"Are you crazy?" the patient exclaims. "How could I let you do such a thing to me?"

"You want to die?" the doctor asks. The patient agrees to have his testicle removed.

Two weeks after the operation, the patient is back. "Doc, I don't know how to say this, but the other ball has turned blue, too."

Again, the doctor tells him if he wants to live, his other testicle must be cut off, and again the man is reluctant.

"Do you want to die?" asks the doctor. The patient agrees to the operation. But about two weeks after he is testicle-less, he is back again. "I think something is very wrong with me. My penis is now completely blue."

After briefly examining the patient, the doc gives him the bad news: If he wants to live, his penis has to go. Of course, the patient does not want to hear it.

"But ... how do I pee?"

"We'll install an plastic pipe, and there will be no problem." So he has his penis removed and, a while after the operation, the unfortunate man returns to the doctor's office. He is very angry.

"Doctor, the plastic pipe turned blue!"


"Can you tell me what the hell is happening?"

The doctor examines the patient more carefully and says, "Hmmm, I don't know, could it be the jeans?"

Please come back tomorrow to see the next joke of the day!


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